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Bernie & Phyl's

This campaign is currently running.  The approach of using stock footage and (poorly) dubbing in voices -

started out as a smaller, one-time push.  The response was so overwhelming (from the client and from consumers) the campaign took on a life of its own and became the company's primary campaign, with over 60 spots produced,  plus social/digital/outdoor/web.  


Since B&P began running this campaign, their customer base has gotten younger and their business - which was formerly declining -

has been up year after year since.

In the first months the campaign ran. their business was as high as 23% gain in sales over the year before.

Extra special production note: I do most of the voices.

"Drunk Lady"

"Livingroom Brawl"

"Sick Old Lady"

"Bad Assistant"

"New Assistant"


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