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 (A note:  All the creative below is part of  a bigger campaign - social/digital/etc.  But for space-saving purposes,

 {and your-valuable-time-saving purposes}  I'm only showing one component of the campaign.)

Some work I've done.

Stay In School - "Spare Change

Legal Seafood  - "Why Oh Why"  
I'm actually singing all the voices :)

  * Campaign currently running*

          Mount Sinai / Oscar- "They're Out There" 

 *This spot ran during the most recent Oscars presentation*

Nokia - "Puppy"

ECampus - "Ransom"

Pro-Choice- "Old Guys"

"Drunk Lady" -  Bernie and Phyl's Furniture

* Campaign currently running, we've produced over 40 of these/multiple platforms*


Price Chopper - "Sad Produce" - *Campaign currently running*

Nokia Commercial for their Social App


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